Sunday, 4 August 2013

OOTD And Lifestyle Post, Day At The Butterfly Gardens! • 04.08.13

Oh my god. I have literally had the most fun day ever if you can't tell by the sheer amount of pictures. 
For the first time in ages I've had a decent camera with me whilst on a day trip and there's no way I couldn't share these gorgeous pictures with you. 
We went to the Tropical Butterfly House in Sheffield, and I wore a brightly coloured floral skirt in the hope that butterflies would land on me! I only got a couple but these big beautiful blue butterflies were so easy to pick up. 
I fulfilled my life's goal of holding a snake, and now all I want is a pet snake! I've never been afraid of them, but never had the chance to hold one, I literally felt like crying I was that excited. We were there almost all day and I only once saw the snake out, which was at the end of the day, so it felt like I got a rare opportunity. Not to mention that the woman who let us hold him was fabulous and a total help when it came to snake advice, as well as wishing me luck with my blogging. Me and Jess have now decided we'd like a snake as they only need to be fed once a week and cleaned once a month!
Whilst we were strolling around the butterfly house, there was a few rustling noises which we assumed were birds, only to find out that 2 iguanas had been roaming around the house. Looking up and seeing this massive lizard was so exciting and later on I found another which was close enough to touch... I couldn't resist petting him and it was all I could do not to grab him! I want to hold one so badly... 
There were also baby tarantulas which, I never thought I'd say, are actually really cute, as well as a couple of praying mantis's and tree frogs. One of my other favorite animals are Bats, so to see a few hanging around the Nocturnal House was amazing, I've never been that close to them although they fly around my house very often. 
After looking through the butterfly house, you go outside to see that there are also Meerkats, Skunks and other various animals and reptiles to look at.
Going to the butterfly house is a much better experience than going to Twycross as there's more of an opportunity to interact with the animals & reptiles. If you get the chance you definitely should go! I've had the best day ever!

p.s. my nail polish is Essie's Bikini So Teeny

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