Thursday, 28 November 2013

Christmas Wish List ♡ 2013

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Bethany Plummer

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1. So I've got loads of brushes... more than I even know what to do with but god damn it I want these. I feel like I'm a tiny bit bored of Real Techniques? (Sorry!) Don't get me wrong they're fabulous brushes made by a fabulous lady but I've been using them for so long that I really want to try something new and there has been so much mention of these floating around the blogosphere and you-niverse... So I really want to give them a go! At €88 which is like £74, this works out at around £5 per brush which is amazing, so unlike M.A.C. and Real Techniques they won't break the bank. If you're lusting after the full set but don't know any one that will splash out, you should consider asking 2 different people to get you the 'Face Set' or the 'Eye Set'!

2. The whole reason I wanted to branch out into the Zoeva brushes in the first place is because of this eyeliner, which is also £15.50 on offer right now so grab it while you can! Anyway... I've wanted to try a gel liner for a while but all the reviews I've read online about drug store gel liners were basically pants and I didn't want to fork out for a high-end one if I wasn't going to like it, so I've left it till Christmas for someone else to waste their money on it if I end up not liking it... just kidding, I've googled this liner extensively and it's rated as the best gel liner! I was originally going for the M.A.C. one but apparently that's not the best to go for as it's drying. 

3. I really love the look of this little set, I really wanted a Topshop dark lipstick as my M.A.C. Darkside is on it's last legs and I'm really afraid of running out! I was going to just add the lippy to my Christmas List when I saw that there was the set including the blush (which is a gorgeous colour.) The set is only £12, so I though I may as well add it to the list as the lipstick is £8 alone. 

4. HOW. GREAT. ARE. THESE. OH. MY. GOD. I saw these on Helena's blog earlier today and practically died. They look like they'd be so comfy once I'd broken them in... 

5. I've wanted this Monki jumper for a couple of weeks now and to be honest I'll probably end up buying it for myself before anyone has the chance to get it me for Christmas but I thought I'd just include it to show that is it something I've been lusting after. 
It just looks ridiculously cosy and I do love a good polo necked jumper. I'm hoping it'd be long enough to wear it as a dress, the only thing putting me off it is the fact that on the website there isn't a model picture so I don't have much of an idea about the length or fit... 

so that's my list! minus wanting a camera and a couple of M.A.C. eyeshadows for my palette... 
I'd love to know what you lot have been begging for from Santa this Christmas! 


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    1. ugh they're so nice right?! I want them so bad:(

  3. i love the shoes ! i think shoes for christmas are a PERFECT gift, no !?
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    Have a great Christmas !!!