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Review ♡ LE BLUSH CRÈME DE CHANEL - Cream Blush

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Bethany Plummer

Bethany Plummer

Bethany Plummer

Bethany Plummer

Bethany Plummer
      The light pink shade is 'Inspiration' and the deep peachy shade is 'Presage'

"A soft and silky cream blush with a satiny finish that blends into the skin and comes in six bright shades."

This is what boots describes the blushes as, and I completely agree! They're all such lovely shades, I believe there is 6 in total and they're a relatively new product. I bought both of mine from airports, but after researching them I've seen that they are £27. I bought mine for £25. 
These blushes are amazing, as when applied lightly they are very subtle shades, yet are extremely build-able. If you apply too much product they can become very obnoxious blushes, but if you apply lightly they're really lovely, glowing colours. 

I first picked up Presage, as I love orangey/coral blushes to add a healthy glow, I think the orange tones in this blush add so much more than 'a little colour' I feel as though it brightens up my entire face and adds a hint of bronze while still being a pink-tone. I wore this every single day of my 8 day holiday, as I love it so much I couldn't bring myself to pick up another blush!

Inspiration is a colour that I didn't have in my blush collection. I own a lot of dark peaches and burnt pinks, but nothing as light as this. On my pale skin it has a very 'english rose' feel to it and looks great in the winter time. I think I'll eventually put this blush down when it reaches Summer but for now I'm absolutely loving this blush. 

A lot of cream blushes have a waxy or oily texture. I've experienced far too many miss-haps of my own with cream blushes that slide off, rub off or take my foundation off when applying. These lovely blushes don't do any of that, they work well with a stippling brush or a blush brush (which is great for those who don't have a wide range of brushes) they also look lovely dabbed on lightly using your fingers. I feel as though the main reason for this is of course the texture. The textures of this blush are creamy and soft when applying, yet sit on your face like a powder blush. They have a really nice matte finish, without being at all drying! I'm sure you can see by my swatches how matte they look, which I much prefer, to the dewy look of a lot of other blushes as my skin is Combination and can get very oily as well as very dry so I need a blush that will withstand both oily and dry skin. 

If your skin is dry enough to be flaky then I wouldn't recommend this blush, however it will work  for skin that is only slightly dry, oily, combination or normal, basically almost any skin type! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you have one of the blushes or if you're planning on getting one!

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