Thursday, 2 January 2014

A New Beginning For My Blog & Resolutions ♡

Bethany Plummer

Warning: Rant!
I've made the decision to delete all my outfit posts from the past year. It was a big decision to make for me as I've worked on my blog so hard this year, but whenever I look back I'm just not happy with the layout of each post and how when I've spent time and effort changing my blog there's still those posts in the past that don't match up to the current lay out.
I also just look at the outfits and realise that I haven't even posted an outfit for 2 months now and my style has actually changed and grown up an awful lot. I take inspiration from people more like FashionRocksMySocks & LlyMlrs rather than LeanneWoodful and Lulultrixable now... I hope all of my current followers will stay with me through my changes and I hope to find many more new friends and followers this year as I'm going to work a lot harder on my blog. Blogs like mine that came about a little later than others struggle massively to become more popular and while it's not about having thousands of followers for me, it is a little hard to work for a whole day on a blog post for no-one to so much as comment, especially when it's often work I'm really proud of! A lot of the time I feel as though it's me that causes people to not like my blog. I worry that maybe I'm too big for other bloggers, or that my photographs just aren't in the right quality, which is one of the main reasons I haven't blogged outfits in a couple of months.

Now that rant is out of the way I thought I would take the first step in making my blog more personal by sharing my resolutions with you all.

1. Be healthy. This year I've taken huge steps into being healthier that all backtracked after November and the prep up to Christmas. So one thing I definetely want to do is to carry on making those steps to being healthier and happier this year. I find that I become a lot more anxious and unhappy since stopping the healthy eating and exercise routine that I stuck to so religiously over summer and I really want to change that now. I've already began my routine and planned it out, I hope to do a blogpost this week about what I plan to do and every few months I'll update on whether I stuck to the plan or changed it to suit my needs ect!

2. Be happy. These resolutions are starting to sound really stereotypical, but I do want to be happier this year. Since getting a job, I've mostly spent money on things that I've wanted for a while, or adding the finishing touches to my bedroom, but from now on I want to spend my money on day trips and outings, things I'll remember doing and look back on. I don't spend nearly as much time out and about as I'd like to and I think that's really added to my anxiety and general unhappiness over the last few months.

3. Time for change. I don't mean change in everything! Mostly just the way I dress, and not because I feel as though I have to, but because I want to. I look up to different bloggers now as I said and when I look through my old posts, not to sound childish, but I just don't look as 'grown up' as I would want I guess. As I said in my previous posts I really want to tone down the 'grunge' in the way I dress. I've already done a huge clean out, it's just the purple and deep red lipsticks that will be hard to give up!

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  1. Wow. Delegating everything takes some serious balls (I don't think I ever could) but I understand why :) I get those moments where I completely want to change, and I really feel where you're coming from. I can't wait to see how you progress through 2014 :) I will still be here