Friday, 10 January 2014

Find .01 // Floral Diary

Bethany Plummer

Bethany Plummer

Bethany Plummer

eBay Diary

So, like I mentioned in my post where I talked about changes my blog was going to have.
So far I have managed to post on the days I've said I will, and today I'm here to bring you a find that excited me a little too much.
Excuse my little 'oh I'm so studious' picture. I'm a nerd when it comes to stationary and every year I get a cute little diary that I have no use for. Now that I have a job I need to write my shifts somewhere, and when I meet up with friends or have a doctors appointment I have to remember what date they were on so that I don't agree to a last minute shift without realising I have other plans. This is all very confusing to me as I'm totally not used to having barely any free time, which is why I've needed a diary.
I'd seen a couple of cute ones on Urban Outfitters, but I wanted something ditzy, cute and a little more original so I took a look on eBay.
On eBay if you want something delivered fast you have to make sure it's an English seller, whilst Chinese eBayers create some pretty amazing stuff, it takes weeks (if not months) to arrive.
So anyway after ages of looking, I found the diary in my above pictures.
Unfortunately I can no longer find the seller, which is really disappointing as she was lovely when I spoke to her via eBay mail and even offered to make me a Clarke and Clarke notebook for the same price in a different pattern. I get the feeling her account was suspended for using a brand in the title of her item, my items have been suspended before for using brands in a title.
I'm hoping I'll find her again soon as I really would like a similar notebook for Youtube and Blog ideas, shopping lists ect.
The diary is a bog-standard plain black 2014 diary and the fabric is only a cover which means if I still love the pattern next year, all I have to do is find a diary that fits.
p.s. This outfit will be on the blog tomorrow. Search Salt Crystal Lamps on eBay if you've taken a fancy to the lamp in the background and the candles are Yankee Candle's Snowflake Cookie (pink) and Christmas Cookie.

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  1. cute diary, i have an unhealthy stationary fetish also ! jealous of those yankee candles :(
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves -

  2. thats adorable!

    love the candles.