Thursday, 30 January 2014

Maybelline 'Big Eyes' Mascara ♡ Review

Bethany Plummer

Bethany Plummer

Bethany Plummer

Bethany Plummer

Bethany Plummer

Maybelline 'Big Eyes' Mascara - Boots £6.99

So, I absolutely hate my eyelashes, they're my most hated facial feature. I feel like they make me look like a boy and it actually took a lot for me to upload these. 
I never, ever go for high street mascara. I usually choose Lancome Hypnose or any of the Chanel mascaras as they work fabulously. My next edition will be YSL Babydoll mascara as that looks fab! 
My friend Torie, click the link for her blog, got this mascara on a whim while we were browsing Boots, and I was quite tempted by the idea of a small brush on the one end for my lower lashes. 
She said it was amazing, and with it being only 7 pounds I decided to grab one because I knew I'd end up still using the smaller brush for my lower lashes. 
I've ended up loving this. The pictures of my eyes with it on were taken after 2/3 coats of it. It does lengthen lashes pretty well with just the one coat, but my eyelashes are shorter than most, so it's always taken a few more coats with mine. I use about 2 coats with the Hypnose mascara, so to only have to use 2 or 3 with this one as well is amazing to me. 
It doesn't clump at all, it's a really lovely, smooth mascara and I love the idea of having a smaller brush on the other end just as much as I thought, it means that I can really grab the tiny lashes on the inner corners of my eye and of course, on my lower lash line. 
I won't make this review huge as I think the product is shown really well through the above images. This is definetely one of my 'high-street holy grails.'

Let me know if you're thinking of getting this mascara!

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  1. I'm a £1.99 boots natural collection fan because I want mascara to live up to more than it does but this one has an awesome effect on your lashes. I need to buy it.
    Although I doubt it will give me your beautiful mermaid eyes x

    1. Noooo! I hate Natural Collection, I'm a massive make-up snob hahaha, you do need to get this!
      Loveliest compliment ever, thank you! xx

  2. I also use the Natural Collection mascara! It's so good, but I have to branch out and learn to pay a bit more for a mascara. I will definitely be trying this out, and then maybe even YSL Babydoll which looks brilliant as well! (by the way - your eye colour is just so pretty!) x

    Kathryn | effievanity

  3. Oh wow, love the effect it gave you. Love that it doesn't clump and has a smaller brush too :)

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