Monday, 24 February 2014

Palm Trees

Bethany Plummer
Bethany Plummer

Bethany Plummer
Bethany Plummer

Jacket - Vintage
Fur - Ark (old) 

I'm a massive fan of skorts right now, they're a way to wear straight skirts without having to worry about your stomach, they're great to wear if you're going for a massive meal or drinking loads of cocktails on a night out. I feel a bit behind on the trend but like those Zara teeny-tiny skorts were ever going to fit me. 
I'm in love with this shoe and top combo right now, I can tell it's going to be my go-to pair for a while. I picked up this top on a whim while shopping with Jess on Thursday, it was between this and another top from H&M but I couldn't put this one down, and for just £26... These shoes weren't badly priced either at only £20, but the silver version isn't on the website anymore. They're super comfy once you've worn them in.
I always look so tired in full-length pictures, which is why I usually look down, I don't know why my eyes look so automatically poofy once a camera's more than an arms length away.

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  1. oioi!! looking absolutely gorgeous. definitely an outfit id wear xxx

  2. your description of the skort makes me want to go buy them all now so i never have meal-time problems again ! lovely outfit, the matching top and shoe works soo well
    Lauren x
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    1. Do it, new look has ridiculously cheap skorts, so does eBay! :)