Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Blogging Every Day Of July

Bethany Plummer

So this month I have decided to blog every day! It's my birthday month, so I felt as though there was a lot to talk about this month, I'm just going to blog outfits, trips & obviously parts of my birthday.
I'm doing 3 different things in the lead up for my birthday, a barbecue with school friends, shopping with Jess a couple days before as a cute little day trip and then a meal with college friends.
I've not actually had a birthday where I've had a lot going on for a while so I'm pretty excited!
I might do a couple of Vlogs through Youtube to add to here, but even if I don't I will do the occasional blog of my whole day, like tomorrow, me and Jess are off to the cinema so I'll blog my outfit, what we're seeing and a quick little review of the film we're seeing.

I'm going to add a little calendar to the header I've used to mark off each day that I blog for so I'll know for myself if I've missed days, I'm not great at keeping up to date with my blog but I'm trying! Which is why I've decided to do this, I care about writing up blog posts that will interest people, I'd also be lying if I said I didn't care about gaining more followers, everyone does! It would be nice to feel as though people really appreciate what I write about.

I'm also currently on a bit of a healthy eat. I'm not particularly dieting, but I'm having a go at being generally healthier with my life, so I might add in a couple of my favourite smoothie/healthy food recipes. I'm having a go at Blogilates, so I'll update you with how I'm doing, I've signed up and been sent the beginners calendar but I've not decided whether or not I'm going to do the July one along side the beginners or not.

I just wanted to thank everyone who's still keeping up to date with my blogging and commenting, I really do appreciate it, I've been so rubbish-y with all this blogger stuff! But I'm trying to get back on track so be patient with me :-)

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