Thursday, 3 July 2014

Favourite Summer Ready Products! July No. 2

Bethany Plummer
Bethany Plummer

Hair Care -

For summer, I'm not always a fan of sleek hair. I much prefer tousled waves and blonde hair! I love creating that look with these 4 products. 
First, I wash my hair with the 'Bumble & Bumble Surf' range, I also like to use their Surf spray afterwards but I currently have no idea where I've put it! Once I've washed my hair I use the 'Garnier Ultimate Blends' oil, which I've blogged about recently. This isn't to make my hair sleek and shiny, more just to keep it in a healthy, decent condition. When it comes to getting nicely waved, beachy hair, the coarse products can make hair feel really damaged, that's definetely not what you want. 
That's pretty much all I do for beachy waves! I leave it to dry over-night because personally my hair waves much better when I sleep on it, or I'll use a hairdryer on it after washing and applying the oil, then spritz it with a salt spray after. 
When I am actually feeling more of a sleek look, I love the John Frieda '3 Day Straight' spray. I wouldn't say it keeps your hair straight for 3 days, but if you're like me and have hair that frizzes at the slightest winds or sunshine, this is definetely worth picking up. If your hair isn't of a frizzy texture then this probably would last 3 days on your hair though. It adds a tiny bit of stickiness, which might bother some people but for me I quite like this as I really feel like it's sticking my hair down! 

Body Care & Scents -

My absolute favourite sun creams are anything by Hawaiian Tropic. I only have this tiny tester right now because I refuse to buy sun cream until it's actually hot. This particular cream isn't my top fave, one of the body oils definetely would be. I always pick it up in at least SPF 10, though they do go as low as 2 & 0 for tanning purposes (Do not recommend doing this.)
My all time favourite scrub is Lush's 'Rub Rub Rub.' I always find it so hilarious going in to Lush and asking where the 'Rub Rub Rub, Scrub' is (our Lush moves their stock around a lot.) It works as a scrub and wash in one, I'm pretty sure I've spoken of this before so I won't blubber on about it too much, but basically I love it and it's perfect for smoothing out skin, or using before fake tan. 
Scents that I love are the Dove 'Go Fresh' deodorant and any from Zara's collections. I literally have no idea what this perfume's called, but I love it. It smells so sweet and fresh, perfect for summer. I don't tend to talk about deodorant to people... it's not exactly exciting, but for summer this is a great one, it's so fresh and cold and the cucumber scent makes me feel so clean. 
Last but not least, I love Lush's bubble-gum lip scrub, my lips go so dry in summer in the heat, so I love to use this every time I want to apply lipstick just to smooth them out and stop my lippy flaking off. 

What are your favourite summer products? 

Bethany Plummer