Thursday, 10 July 2014

Life Update! July No. 8 & 9

Bethany Plummer

So! I realised I've started all these posts for the month, and haven't actually updated you on what's going on.

1. Ok, so first off I'm sure any of my new followers and old followers will wonder why I haven't regularly updated my blog in this way for ages, firstly blogging became slow because I got a job working with New Look. Personally, I wasn't happy there, I won't go into great detail, all I'm saying is that it's a great job for full-timers but not if you're part-time. Secondly, Jess became really ill one day and after that my whole 'blogging life' had to take a back-seat. Being someone who's not exactly popular in the blogging world, it meant that blogging wasn't of the utmost importance to me. The reason why I've never told you guys the full story is because for a really long time doctors didn't know what was wrong with her, all we knew is that she couldn't walk and her heart wasn't working the way it should. Both of these conditions have been looked into and it turns out they're totally unrelated! Her reason for being unable to walk is that she has nerve damage from a car accident that happened a really long time ago that just progressively got worse to the point where one day she just woke up and couldn't walk, the heart is a non-threatening condition which causes her heart to speed up/slow down. It took a while to get used to all this which is why, although it happened ages ago in January, I haven't blogged since.

2. I've been able to blog more since getting a new job! I now work for Morrisons, not exactly the field I'm wanting to go into but it's fabulous for experience and the hours I have mean I work 2 days a week tops, but still get paid more than I was before. I'm beginning to volunteer in a charity shop too, since I didn't go to Uni, I think it's really important for me to gain experience all over retail so once I decide what I want, I'll be able to do anything!
It's so nice to spend more time with friends, blog more and have more time at home.

3. My hair is MUCH much blonder since the last time I blogged, some people have noticed over on Instagram. So if anyone's particularly interested in that I'd be more than happy to post how I achieved it and what hair products I use to keep up with it.

I hope that's everything, feel free to ask anything.
It's my birthday on Tuesday! Expect Hauls and Vlogs, attempting to get back into YouTube now!

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