Tuesday, 3 March 2015

My Favourite Nails


I have really horrible natural nails, and I never really know what to do about it. Whenever I go to get my nails done at a salon, I hate the way they're grow out and end up ripping them off only 2 weeks after having them done. Drugstore nails are always something I've been wary of, when I think of glue/stick on nails it reminds me of being a kid!
The first time I saw these, I was in Boots and desperate to try them but thought I should review them first, and I'm glad I did. These nails have amazing results for everyone, even Lily Melrose has sported them.
At first I just bought the Active Square nails, then tried the oval, both of with I loved but my favourites have definetely been the Petite Square nails. They look so natural, I'd much rather have fairly short nails, I don't really wear false nails for length, more just for a clean cut look.
These nails typically last me 3 days to a week, which is fine for me as I like to re-do them every Sunday night.
You get 200 nails in a pack, with both the original Active Square and the Oval nails I never managed to use them all as some were too big, but with Petite, I can usually manage to fit each size onto my nails, which means I'll get 20 manicures out of this pack.

I couldn't recommend these more! They're only £8, which is more than half the price of salon tips and you can easily re-do them without forking out extra money for a refill. As soon as mine start to grow out or don't look as sleek I just apply another set, they're no-where near as damaging on the nail as a salon set of tips.

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